About Us

About Us

Restora Risk Solutions Inc. is a specialty risk insurance and guarantee program administrator which designs and implements custom designed programs across Canada and the United States.

Restora can provide your business with superior, value-added insurance and guarantee programs that will assist you in building strong and positive relationships with your clients. Our success is based on our highly skilled people, real time software and excellent training resources.

What We Do

We find a niche in a specialty risk insurance or manufacturing market and design a customized program to enhance it. We then work with our National Insurer(s) to underwrite and price the product competitively. We then create the necessary software, marketing and training materials needed to roll it out. Restora provides top quality training, follow up and support for all our clients and their staff on an ongoing basis.


For existing insurance markets, Restora can create custom programs that fill in the gaps in your clients underlying insurance policy by providing additional benefits to your client. Our stand-alone programs mean that if your client has a claim – it won’t affect their underlying policy so their premiums are not likely to ever increase. We also provide custom training and marketing materials on the product, and assist with any follow up once the product has been launched. Restora can even provide Canada wide financing for your clients.


Restora can help any manufacturer increase their sales by insuring their existing warranties, or by making them better and for longer terms. This provides a huge competitive edge in the market place. We also pay fair market service rates for claims which will attract more retailers that provide their own service. Ask us how by having Restora insure your manufactured product(s) you can also turn your warranty costs from an unknown into a fixed cost!

Our Services:

  • National “A” Rated Insurer
  • Customized Program Development & Software
  • Specialized Training
  • Personalized brochures & marketing materials
  • Access to Financial Services
  • 24/7/365 Real People Claims Administration
  • Toll-Free Lines